Life as a Rover Scouts

Rover Scouts is for males and females aged 18 until their 26th Birthday who love socialising, challenging themselves, and seizing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

Life after school can be isolating for most young adults, but not for Rover Scouts! Rover Scouts are a group of mates who believe in experiencing life to its fullest and seizing opportunities. Joining a Rover Scout Crew could be one of the most important decisions in your life. It offers opportunities to make new friends, have fun, experience once-in-a-life-time adventures, and have unforgettable social experiences while you work with your fellow Rover Scouts to develop your leadership and organisational skills. Rover Scouts personalise their programs to suit their members and each Crew are fully independent and responsible for managing their own groups, projects and campsites. As a Rover Scout, be prepared to expect the unexpected.

What Can I Do in Rover Scouts?

  • Meet new people
  • Activate your social life attending balls, bush dances, boat cruises, nights out, car rallies, and Rover gatherings
  • Experience nature and character-building experiences through bushwalking, canoeing, sailing, caving, ski-touring, four-wheel driving, rock-climbing, and scuba diving.
  • Test your physical and mental endurance on week-long expeditions
  • Further your management and leadership skills
  • Serve and make a positive contribution to your community
  • Set your own goals and activities to suit your needs
  • Serve and make a positive contribution to your community
  • Set your own goals and activities to suit your needs
  • Be a mentor to younger Scouts
  • Attend State/National/International Rover Scout Moots (activity and adventure camps)
  • Attend one of the annual Beach Moots in which you can participate in water based activities
  • Challenge yourself to try new things
Rover Scout Meetings
Rover Scouts are organised into Crews which vary in size from a handful of members to twenty or more. Most Crews meet weekly to enjoy social activities, fun, adventure, and once-in-a-life-time experiences. Rover Scouts are independent and resourceful so every Crew tailors its own activities to the requirements of its members. Each Crew is also responsible for setting its own entry requirements and program goals. A true Rover Scout strives to serve the community, make life-long friends, and seize every available opportunity. “I’ve always loved exploring the outdoors and challenging myself, so I decided to give Rover Scouts a go. Not only have I made lifelong friends but I’ve been given so many opportunities to challenge myself, serve the community, and experience things that most people never get the chance to do.” Visit the Queensland Rover Scout website:
The shirt, belt, scarf and woggle form the uniform (a sunsafe hat is required for daytime) These items can be purchased from The Scout Shop –

Around four to six weeks your child will be invested and this is when they will require their uniform
Please note that beige or stone coloured pants are worn on official Scouting events like ANZAC Day Marches etc.

For all your uniform requirements please visit our scouts shop.

Uniforms and Badge Placements

Rover Scout Uniform

The Rover Uniform consists of the dark blue shirt with the section colour, which is Red, across the sleeve, yoke and collar.

Badge Placement



Be Prepared for New Adventure